Project Overview

Vision2u offers a free image processing software for personal use and research. Primary tasks of the image processing can be realized during simple operation of the software. Every Web cam owner can have simplest measuring, counting or tasks of monitoring done without high capital outlays. Because of extension of complex functions in the software,  the availability of market ready product has been little delayed.

  Application's Functionality

In order to work with Vision2u, first a Workflow must be provided. The workflow is stored in parameters in the XML file. Run time environment processes this Workflow. As input are available pictures, videos or a camera . The run time system goes through the Workflow step by step and thereby uses the image processing libraries, IO libraries or Plug-In to produce the required output.

Vision2u for professional development

From other products Vision2u differs by offering less software cost for the professional use and a free version with limited functionality for personal use. In order to get special, extended or  complete functionality, cost of  the specified comercial version  will be designed accordingly.

Individual Development

Each project is different. If important functions that are required for your image processing project are missing in Vision2u, their development can take place at the fixed price or to the firm at hourly rate.