Alpha Version

The software is still in the development phase. During the development the software can be partly still incorrect. In order to  try Vision2u for test purposes and to have more research in the alpha version, the software can be downloaded here. However no warranty for the functionality of the software can be taken over.


Download Vision2u
Version: Alpha 0.0.82
Filesize: 49 MB

System Requirements:
Windows, x
Java jdk 1.6.x

For the use of a Web cam the Java Media Framework API (JMF) is to be installed:

Installation guide

Guide is available as assistance for installation.


We are trying to constantly develop the software further. Incase of errors during the testing of alpha version, which are not yet in the CHANGE log, we will highly be pleased if you report them via email. Also we are available gladly for assistance .

You will find news and updates on facebook

Source Code

The source code is availabe on the sourceforge web site.

In order to co develop with the Vision2u project, you can send us a short email.
See Software Development.