Free image processing



The OpenCV library is written for C and C++ programming languages and contains algorithms for the image processing and machine interpretations. The library was created by Intel and is now open SOURCE. The strength of OpenCV lies in its speed and in the large quantity of the algorithms from newest research results. The library includes algorithms for face detection, 3D-Functionality, hair classification, different type of very fast filters (Sobel, Canny, Gauss) and functions for the camera calibration.


ImageJ, Open Source by Java is at first sight an inconspicuous image processing tool. However it turn out to be very powerful and high performance tools. It is suitable for medical and scientific image analysis. A set of filters and Plugins supplements the software for the development of individual applications. The free Plugin structure offers a simple possibility of developing new functions or even merging your functions with ImageJ.


The free programming environment processing itself attracts artists and creative ones. With a simplified version of the powerful programming language Java, the user can build its application. It is suitable for the treatment of pictures, animation and production of videos. Processing is open SOURCE and also provides sample programs, tutorials, extensions and libraries to its users on demand.Aside of providing functions for image processing, visualization and sounds, network communication add to the row.

Java Advanced Imaging GUI

Java Advanced Imaging GUI is a simple development environment for image processing. It was developed as open SOURCE by JAVA using Java Advanced Imaging (JAI). It represents picture information and offers an image processing process on basis of a freely definable Workflows. These Workflow are created by means of a graph with the support of drag and drop option. Unfortunately the project has been discontinued since 2003.

Optical Studio

Optical Studio is freeware with segmentation algorithms for optical measurement and quality control on a conveyor. The offline version of the freeware supports all features. The software could be configured in measurement or process configuration mode. Both modes are „offline“ and „online“ available. The software is written in C++ and uses Qt and other libraries. It could be used to normalize, correct, segment or edge filter images. Additional there are algorithms for 2d and 3d data fitting.


Commercial image processing


Adaptive Vision Studio

Adaptive Vision Studio is a dataflow-based visual programming environment designed for machine vision engineers. It is highly interactive and scalable – with a couple of filters the user can accomplish a typical industrial application, yet there are systems in the field running hundreds of tools, composed of many modules and armed with automated tests based on thousands of images.

Common Vision Blox (CVB)

With the software platform CVB applications for the industrial image processing can be developed. For this purpose different modules and a programming library are available.


HALCON makes industrialimage processing possible. It provides integrated development environment for the development of softwares.HALCON has an extensive software library and sample programs. The languages C, C++, C#, Visual basic, .NET and Delphi are supported by HALCON

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)

The Matrox library MIL is a collection of image processing algorithms for the integration into a programming language. It provides functions for the initialisation, processing, analysis, documentation, output and storage of graphic data. The library meets scientific and industrial requirements. Additionally it also provides sample programs in the source text to make progamming more easy and fast.

National Instruments (NI)

The scientific image processing is meant for engineers and scientists. NI makes software for the camera binding and pictures processing. The programming environment supports different languages such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++. Net, C# or Visual basic for the production of the finished image processing application.


The universal industrial image processing is meant for the automatic visual check in the manufacturing process. The image processing is done by means of parameter as input which configures and provides a user interface. It also supports multi-core processors, several cameras and color processing. The software development platform is Microsoft .NET Framework.


VisionServer is a machine vision software framework that makes it faster and easier to develop vision applications. From the graphical function block sequence editor to the industrial HMI, VisionServer provides everything you need to develop and deploy complete vision solutions,


Interesting Project Aspects



The idea of Vision2u was developed by Patrick Hess. It is followed from a set of software projects, which are related to image processing, automation systems, Data mining and learning tools. On the web page by you can get more information about these projects.


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